Hi! I’m Erin, I’m 21 years old, and I’ve lived in Williamsburg, Virginia for most of my life. I’m currently a nursing student and I plan to work in pediatrics once I graduate.

A little bit about me is I’ve been obsessed with fashion ever since I was a little girl playing dress up. I think my style to be a mixture of bohemian, Parisian, and southern. I’m a vegan, and became a vegetarian at 10 years old because of my love and respect for all life. I’ve worked alongside PETA and other animal rights organizations to help spread awareness of just how sentient animals are. I have two potbelly pigs, five dogs, one cat, two guinea pigs, two parakeets, and one lizard. Each and every one of them are my baby. I’m a Christian and a Buddhist. The ultimate spiritual experience is oneness with God. Oneness found through meditation is also central to Buddha’s teachings. I’ve found that the old boxes just don’t fit for me, so I decided to create my own box– or more like an all encompassing circle that includes the teachings of two religions I believe in. I love coffee way too much– hot coffee, iced coffee, lattes, frappucinos, americanos, espresso con pannas, you name it. I’m a music lover. Though indie’s my favorite, I listen to a wide range of genres. Since I was nine years old, I’ve played piano and have most recently learned to play guitar and ukulele. I’ve had amazing opportunities playing keyboard with a few bands and at my favorite venue, The NorVA. I’m an adventurer at heart. One of my favorite past times is exploring new places, usually ones that involve some sort of trespassing (because not all rules are meant to be followed).

I’d definitely consider myself to be a free spirit. I was homeschooled since the second grade and was raised to always think outside the box and look for new ways to do things. I believe it’s so important to have our own identity and appreciate what makes us unique. That’s what this blog’s all about– embracing the glorious mess we are.

Imperfectly Erin